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A unique solution for storm water management

One of the most critical aspect of designing anything, from an individual building to city planning, stormwater management is critical. During Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the city of Houston learned this lesson the hard way. The vast majority of the damage in the region wasn't due to the hurricane, rather from the resulting floods. With HYDROSIGN, you can ensure that this won't happen to your project.

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A mobile gaming platform that bridges the fun and the financials

With a dramatic increase in mobile gaming in the past few years, VolcanX is a success platform meant to help you monetize your concepts while providing a seamless gaming experience for the user. Finding the right solution that fairly compensates the game's creators that doesn't fundamentally impede gameplay is a difficult challenge - just ask EA Games about their release of Star Wars Battlefront II. Whatever your ideal solution is, VolcanX will make it happen.

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A time-tracking application that helps improves organizational productivity for small to mid-size businesses.

Timetrex is a time-tracking app with several useful features. It can integrate with any HR system and will provide extensive productivity reports to ensure that employees and managers alike are making the most responsible use of their time. This gives employees the freedom to work from anywhere while giving managers the confidence to know that work is getting done.

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Networking Made Easy. Follow Up Made Automatic.

Finally. An app that will send an automated followup via email, text, and LinkedIn.

  • Take a picture of a business card with the [scan]hello app.
  • [scan]hello analyzes the contents of the card and inputs the information on your existing CRM.
  • [scan]hello then sends a predetermined follow up message to your newly imported contact.
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