Who We Are

Our focus is to help GROW your business.

With a collection of diverse and experienced talent, the Upventrix team is positioned among the brightest up-and-coming companies on the planet. Proudly operating out of the Atlanta Tech Village, the premier tech hub of the South, we engage with the newest and most cutting edge technologies on a daily basis. It pushes us to be true leaders in innovation, and that expertise puts our clients on the right track to growth. This is all for your benefit, meaning that you can rest assured that you will get the best product possible from our team.

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Technology is a force that must be leveraged for maximizing the good we do on this planet. It’s allowed us to make dramatic shifts in our fundamental understanding of the world we live in and improve the lives of people from every nation and background. It’s with this understanding that we seek to add your unique voice to the equation. Nothing exists in a vacuum, and your product must be able to integrate with the world. Whether that means a new approach to UX/UI development or ensuring that you have the proper API that allows you to integrate with existing infrastructure, it’s essential that your development team keeps the world at large in mind whenever creating solutions. With us, your technology will never be out of date.

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We love to collaborate, hear new ideas and to turn dreams into a reality. If you would like to talk about partnering with us, please feel free to drop us a line!